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To our friends and community close to home and around the world; solidarity and love. In the interests of public health and wellbeing, we’ve cancelled or postponed all upcoming Liquid Architecture public programming. We’d list the events, but it’s literally everything. Reach out to us if you’re unsure.

The LA team are shifting our attention now to how we can support artists and audiences, collaborators and comrades, ideas and work, through other platforms, including our online journal Disclaimer, archives and podcasts.

The distance between us forms a space for new and care-full forms of listening.




Public Assembly at Polyphonic Social 2018: The Unsingularity. Photo: Keelan O’Hehir

Liquid Architecture is an Australian organisation for artists working with sound. LA investigates the sounds themselves, but also the ideas communicated about, and the meaning of, sound and listening.

In our twentieth year, Liquid Architecture is noisier than ever, and for that we are proud. However, we also know that we’re part of a fragile and precarious economy as a small and passionately experimental arts organisation in Australia. In addition to collaborating with artists, we also want to build collaborative relationships with supporters who share our vision and value our work.

Contact our Executive Director, Georgia Hutchison at to discuss ways of supporting, or collaborating with, Liquid Architecture.


Donations help us grow and develop our organisation and our artistic program and to give more to audiences and the community. For donors, the opportunity to give is also the reward - as you get to witness the fantastic works supported through your generosity.

Liquid Architecture is a registered cultural organisation, and all donations are tax deductible. If supporting Liquid Architecture feels right to you then DONATE NOW to one of our funds. There will be a loud thank you, or a whisper, if you prefer.

EXPERIMENTS FUND buys time for artists, musicians, writers, activists and others to invest in new experiments in sound and listening. ORGANISATION FUND sustains our organisational strength and invests in our long-game as we relocate to Collingwood Arts Precinct, bringing new agency, community, context to our activities. JOURNAL FUND perpetuates exploratory writing about sound and listening.

OUR RESOUNDING GRATITUDE TO: Agatha Gothe-Snape, Amelia Wallin, Andrew James, Andrew Miller, Ben Byrne, Cat Hope, Christof Migone, Clare Cooper, Daisart, Damian Sullivan, Daniel Kahn, David Kipp, Debris Facility, Edward Service, Fayen d’Evie, Georgia Hutchison, Hannah Fox, Ian Stevenson, Jason Walker, Jennifer Barry, Jennifer Walshe, John Cumming, Jon Tjhia, Jude Gun, Keelan O’Hehir, Kevin Barry, Lawrence English, Marcus Westbury, Mark Nolan, Martina Copley, Michael Szekelyhidi, Michael Graeve, Michelle Macklem, Miriam Arcilla, Mistletone, Miyuki Jokiranta, Naomi Milgrom, Naomi Riddle, naturestrip, Nicholas Aloisio-Shearer, Peter Fraser, Rosemary Forde, Rouvin Lazar, Sara Daly, Seth Kim-Cohen, Susannah Jack, Suzanne Barry, Tara Prowse, Tara McDowell, and those who wish to remain anonymous.


Using reciprocity as an approach, Liquid Architecture works with partners to expand the scope of our collaborative programming, generating new terrains of practice. We consider the sharing of labour, resources and knowledge as a collective tactic to boost the capacity of our artistic community and sector.


Liquid Architecture is supported by Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body; Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; City of Melbourne Arts and Culture Triennial Program; and City of Yarra Creative Yarra.



Tue, 24. Jul–Sun, 28. Oct 2018
The Ian Potter Museum of Art

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